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About NeuroBehavioral Programs

We are a group of trained therapists, psychologists, physicians, and nurses who meet monthly to learn new applications of NeuroBehavioral Programs. Together we have trained more than a thousand patients in our pain management program. We work on the phone, in homes and clinics, and in private offices. And we’re expanding our reach to serve HMOs that like our outcomes.

Each of us has gone through a rigorous certification program and learned to use the same tools we teach. In fact, many of us were drawn to do this work by our own experience of pain and/or our frustration with what we could offer from the traditional medical toolbag. We love changing the grim face of pain and suffering with a lighthearted and respectful approach. It’s a great feeling to watch someone whose life was previously eroding begin to take control of her or his own well-being and have fun in the process.

Meet some of the NeuroBehavioral Programs certified practitioners.

The patient who spontaneously created a new world of pain control

NeuroBehavioral Programs is the brainchild of John E. Leonard, Ph.D., who treated hundreds of patients in refining the pain management program through six versions. The work developed when one day Dr. Leonard requested of a client, “When you’ve figured out how to turn off your pain, will you stand up and walk down the hall?”… and the patient did it… and subsequently reported being pain free for four months. This experience showed Dr. Leonard how the mind’s natural problem-solving and healing patterns could be accessed and directed using language commands.

The NeuroBehavioral Pain Management Program is a work in progress, always open to enhancement based on patient triumphs and discoveries. We love to hear from those interested in holistic mind-body approaches to pain management. Please drop us a line if you’d like to know more about what we offer or if you’d like to share an experience of your own.