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How The Program Works

To grasp how our program works, you need to understand a few things about pain:

  • Pain is the way the body signals the mind that something unusual is going on. Whether you have a migraine or a slipped disc, the condition sends a pain message to let the brain know that somethingís going on that shouldnít be. Itís when the message reaches the brain that you experience pain.
  • After the brain has received the initial message that something isnít right and needs to be addressed, the pain signal is no longer needed, and the body provides a mechanism to turn it off. Modern theories of pain tell us that under certain conditions, pain gates in the body can actually be closed to prevent the brain from receiving the signal.
  • You can turn off pain at the gates by using the bodyís natural ability to translate words into physical results. If you doubt that your body has this ability, just imagine biting into a juicy lemon. Does your mouth begin to water? If so, you can learn to turn off pain with words instead of medicine!

You were born with the ability to control pain. Almost everything you need to do in order to control pain, your body already knows how to do. Our innovative program teaches you how to instruct your body to turn off physical pain using the natural body-mind communication processes that are already part of you.

Beyond addressing the symptom of pain, the program teaches you how to manage stress and reduce the feelings of anger, disappointment, and fear that naturally come with chronic pain. You also learn to boost the positive emotions that restore a healthy outlook on life and make natural action and peace of mind possible.

The simple, step-by-step pain relief process you will learn — either in person or over the phone — is natural and effortless. No special skills are required. This very structured process, consisting of three individual training sessions, home practice, and telephone consultation, is designed to build on your success at each step, creating confidence and enthusiasm as your pain melts and disappears.

If this makes sense to you, start out with our free guide containing mind-body tips for pain relief.

If you're still not sure this approach is for you, you may be caught up in a foundational myth of Western medicine. Find out more about this myth.

What NeuroBehavioral Pain Management Program participants say about their results:

“What if your inner self, your mind and body, had this ability all along, this potential to decrease pain, and you just needed to know how to ask? NeuroBehavioral Programs has taught me the way to use language to ask my body to shut down pain, a way that works!”

— Carole Stredonsky

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