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The Myth of the Perfect Pill

We all know and reluctantly accept — doctors and patients alike — that there is no pain medication that will stop pain completely. It doesn’t exist, nor will it be developed one amazing day in the future. And we all know there is no mood pill that will restore a bright outlook dimmed by the pain experience. No pill can jump that high.

Take a moment and think about your last few office visits. How many of those visits gave you real hope and practical tools for pain relief and mood management? If you leave your doctor’s office feeling more frustrated than hopeful more than half of the time, you’re not alone. What many doctors who have found us say is that they would like to have something to offer patients right now instead of playing a waiting game for research to produce a new pill or injection.

Take another moment to think about all the alternative treatments you have read about and tried. Did the relaxation tape you ordered carry over into your real world once you took off the headset? Did the guided meditation or guided imagery you practiced in the bedroom hold up against the demands of your real world? Did your biofeedback sessions reduce your pain and stress by more than 25 percent? And did the pain reduction last for more than a few hours?

If office visits leave you frustrated more often than not and alternative treatments don’t hold up against the demands of your real life, we can probably help you. Although nothing works for everybody, more than 90 percent of our clients experience pain reduction in their first session, and 80 percent of these patients are pain and stress free for an average of six hours before needing to repeat the process we teach. That’s why Hills Physicians network pays us to train their patients in our technique — by telephone!

Sound too good to be true? We want you to be skeptical. To us that means you are truly interested in your well-being and have a life to return to. These are the values that translate into patient follow-through and create our high success rates.

We’re not asking you to trust us. The proof is in subjective experience. Try the mind-body tips outlined in our free guide and see for yourself.