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Barbara Hansen , R.N.


Barbara’s professional health care history spans many years and encompasses varied facets and levels of nursing. Long ago, she began her career as a nurses’ aide and went on to become a Navy corpsman during Viet Nam. Later, she became an LVN and thereafter earned her BSN from California State University. Her professional R.N. career includes over 15 years of acute obstetrical care as well as 15 years as a Public Health Nurse. She retired from public health nursing in 2003 and is pursuing her passion for alternative and complementary health care. She is credentialed in several areas of holistic health, a HHP candidate and a Certified NeuroBehavioral Programs Practitioner. Having had experience with her own pain, Barbara is now dedicated in helping others overcome that barrier.

Barbara’s love of life manifests in her love for her family and friends, in her sense of humor and contagious laughter, and in her seemingly boundless energy. She loves to camp, hike, ocean kayak, travel, and scuba dive. She also loves gardening, and playing with her little Sheltie. Barbara’s indoor interests include reading, music, cooking, sewing, furthering her education, surfing the Web, playing with words, and giving high quality medical massage. Barbara can often be heard to laugh and say: “This is the happiest and best time of my whole life — so far!”


Sharon Shere of Danville, CA writes...

To those considering the NeuroBehavioral Pain Management Program:

I had been in pain for many years, beginning with daily migraines and ending up after several strokes, with pain throughout my body. I tried everything for pain relief including substantial medication. The 1st time I used the Pain Management Program, I experienced my pain go from “10” to “0”. The pain relief lasted seven full hours! It was “wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!” It was incredible!!

I am so grateful to John Leonard Ph.D. who created the program and to Barbara Hansen who has taught me the program with so much patience and understanding. May you join those of us who have discovered how to release pain easily and naturally! Good Luck!

Sharon Stewart writes...

I just want to write to you and share with you the wonderful experience that I’ve had since Barbara Hansen began my Pain Control Program. I had the most wonderful and enlightening experience that day that I will never forget!

Joyce Jones writes...

You have given me a "new life" and I am grateful! You are wonderful and you are so kind. I am happy again. Thank you very much.

Maria writes...

I started to use the NeuroBehavioral Pain Management Program approximately two weeks ago. Barbara has been working with me showing me how to use the program. At this point, I am able to lower my pain level to zero. I am learning to bring down my pain quickly, especially if it’s becoming intense. It is unbelievable how this program has helped me in just a short time. I have hope again.