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G. Bruce Quinn , Ph.D.


Dr. Quinn has 25 years experience doing psychotherapy (individual, marital, family, child and adolescent) and pain management. Trained in various treatments (mood and anxiety disorders, pain / chronic illness / disabilities, medications, chemical dependency, sexual abuse, spiritual values, divorce mediation, etc.) throughout his career, what he enjoys most about the practice of pain management is the one-on-one relationship and personal care that he can offer to patients who want and need to control their chronic pain.

Suffering with pain is difficult and stressful, but for the great majority of patients this is not necessary. Pain reduction is truly possible without medication through the use of NBP. This treatment makes the most of the mind-body connection, as NBP gives the patient back control. Dr. Quinn can help to effectively reduce the pain. He is also happy to work with physicians regarding medications, as well as with insurance companies and Worker's Compensation.