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Criteria for Becoming a NBP Provider/Therapist

Individuals interested in becoming certified NeuroBehavioral Pain Management practitioners must be deemed eligible by the following criteria:

Interview: To be considered for the process you must be interviewed. Applicants must demonstrate in an interview general knowledge of chronic pain conditions and an understanding of the bio-psych-social aspects of the chronic pain cycle.

Credentials: Must be an MD, PhD, licensed nurse, or a licensed therapist (MFT etc.) with chronic pain patients in your current case load. Ideally candidates are working in a multidisciplinary pain program or wellness center.

To establish the exception to the credential requirement two letters of recommendation must be submitted by someone who has knowledge of your professional and related experience in chronic pain treatment and you must demonstrate a relevant treatment base. If you are trained as an exception to the rule you must have a sponsor who is a director or MD of an existing pain program and you will agree to treat patients using the NeuroBehavioral Pain Management Program only in this primary setting.

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