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Gitane, Ph.D. “Dr. G”

“Amazing as it seems… You can teach your brain to turn off pain.”

“Dr. G” is a psychotherapist and coach of long standing. She is certified in Dr. Leonard’s NeuroBehavioral Programs, providing women and men dealing with chronic pain with amazing tools for pain reduction and pain control. Applications include control of allergies, asthma and stress, as well as cravings and addictions.

Dr.G’s special focus is on serving women with auto-immune conditions such as Fibromyalgia, Lupus and Arthritis.

Says Dr. G: “My work is always with heart at its center, intended to shed light and love into people’s lives.”


“I got the pain to go away”, says Cathleen F. She adds: “Life is going well… [my pain has] been at 0 for weeks!”

Michael M. says, “It’s been months since I’ve taken Tylenol before going to bed.”

“I feel fabulous,” says Sherri, who remains cravings free and manages occasional urges promptly and successfully (she’d previously ruined her teeth chewing on ice cubes!)

Kari says she feels “more ready to take on the day.”