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Alice Provost , M.S.


Alice Provost has worked with children and adolescents for eleven years and currently provides crisis intervention for adolescents and their families through Allied Services for Kids. In private practice her interest is in womens' issues and chronic pain management with adults.

As a therapist, Alice became interested in NeuroBehavioral Programs when she joined some sessions to support a member of her family who was using the program. Merely observing the process, she found that her stress levels dropped to zero. She became certified as a NeuroBehavioral Pain Practitioner and has helped a number of clients with chronic pain to dramatically reduce their daily pain, stress, and negative emotions associated with chronic pain.


Roseanne from Davis, CA writes…

“I had chronic daily neck and back pain for years. Sometimes I had migraine headaches that were debilitating. I used over-the-counter pain relievers most days and got little relief. After a week of practice with Alice, I was pain free. Alice led me through the exercises in a comfortable and soothing manner which put me at ease, and she completely answered my questions. Now I use the program to increase my enthusiasm for exercising my back, shoulders and neck so the pain does not return. I am grateful that with Alice's help I am able to enjoy life with out pain.”

Marjorie Maxwell, D.D.S. writes…

My experience using the NeuroBehavioral Pain Management Program was filled with surprise and gratitude. I lived with chronic pain from multiple sclerosis, then was slammed with a head-on car accident on the freeway. The combination left me with an overwhelming combination of pain medications, physical therapy, herbal treatments, acupuncture, and meditation.

Alice Provost, MS, MFT, became my pain management therapist. Alice guided me through the NeuroBehavioral Pain Management Program. Through her guidance I quickly learned to use the program tools. Alice tailored the program to my needs and quirks in an insightful, effective, and compassionate manner.

It was amazing how the program techniques decreased my pain. There were times when I was bedridden, overwhelmed with pain. Using the program, I was able to completely stop the pain in minutes. In my situation, the pain reduction gave me an emotional relief that is indescribable.

Alice steadily assisted me. She arranged appointments at my convenience, called me to check in on me, gave me constant reassurance and congratulated my efforts and successes. Alice's professional competence and personal insights have guided me to a level of pain relief that feels vital to the quality of my life.

I am grateful to have participated in Dr. John Leonard's pain management program. I highly recommend it as a tool for anyone suffering from a chronic pain condition.