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Susan F. Symmank , RN


Susan has a broad background in healthcare, including multiple patient care settings, medical quality assurance, and mind-body techniques. Her belief in her clients is evident as she encourages, guides and congratulates them throughout their process. She shares their joy as they realize that they can control their pain, without side effects, and then realize all the other positive choices they will now have. With its proven and very high rate of success she is enthusiastic about offering the NeuroBehavioral Pain Management Program.

Susan maintains a private practice in Folsom and El Dorado Hills, CA. Her motto is “Caring, Compassionate, Effective”, providing services for reducing or eliminating pain, promoting healing, and coaching individuals to use their minds to affect their bodies as well as affect how they feel in response to elements in their lives.

Susan says: “Even during the first session clients are experiencing significant and very impressive pain relief. They can take a deep breath, relax their posture, think more clearly, and for those who have lost it, bring hope back into their lives. For those suffering from side effects due to prescribed drugs or those who simply do not like taking them, learning to turn off pain using words may be the answer they are seeking.”