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Mary Ransom


Mary specializes in working with the severely mentally ill population. She is now pleased to be certified as a Neuro-Behavioral Pain Practitioner. Mary became interested in this work after an injury two years ago. She realized that the effect of pain on her mental state was as severe as the pain itself.

Mary says, "The losses around change of lifestyle are devastating. The toll that it takes on family members who become caretakers cannot be overlooked. I want to work with individuals and their families to bring them back to the fullness of life. It has been so rewarding to be on the ground floor of this work, which is both non-invasive and life changing!"


Patricia Williams of Vacaville, CA writes…

“Although skeptical, I was willing to try anything for my chronic pain, except another pain pill. During the session, I was overwhelmed with emotion because I realized that all along, I had the power within to become pain free, medication free and stress free."