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Ce Eshelman , M.A.


Expert in trauma reduction, crisis intervention, and critical incident debriefing, Ce has 20 years of experience working with people interested in living full, abundant, pain-free lives.

Having experienced chronic pain in her own life, Ce has a particular passion for facilitating the level of pain relief in others that she herself received through application of the Neurobehavioral Pain Management Program. Ce combines her clinical knowledge with pain management principles to provide a supportive and effective pain management program for those who want to experience peace and freedom from the pain of chronic conditions.


Stephanie Gabler writes…

Thank you for such a wonderful program. I am blessed to be a part of the study being done by Hills Physicians Group. I am doing a great deal better under this program. As of today I am beginning to reduce my meds under the watchful eye of my doctor. I have high hopes for my future for the first time in nearly 15 years! I especially want to let you know what a special gem you have in therapist Ce Eshelman! Since the first meeting she has been so wonderful! Not only has she been encouraging, patient and thoughtful, but she has made this whole program fun! I cannot imagine having a better guide through this process. I am so greatful for the chance to learn your program and I have been spreading the word to my friends and family who live with pain. Thank you for all that you do!